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About the Artist

Andrew Douglas grew up playing in the woods of North Carolina and the rolling cornfields of Iowa. If you didn't find him playing army with his brother and sister, you'd find him leaned over an art desk with a fierce determination and concentration that was rarely seen in a child.  

Diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia at a young age, Andrew found an outlet for his energy and creativity in putting pen to paper. His art didn't go unnoticed and Andrew soon became an apprentice with Neon Dragon Tattoo, an esteemed tattoo parlor located in Cedar Rapids, IA. When asked why he was interested in creating tattoo art, Andrew replied "What's cooler than having permanent artwork on somebody that is constantly moving around? It's the ultimate portfolio."

Within 10 years, Andrew's tattoos became more specialized in Anime, eventually securing him worldwide credibility in the tattoo industry.

Starting in 2017, Andrew began to focus heavily on creating fan art drawings. His unique spin on popular Anime characters are captured in his numerous collections titled Steampunk, World War 2 Crossovers, The Knight Series, The Android Series, Akira Collection and even an Alien & Predator Collection.

Andrew describes the launch of his online shop as "The ultimate dream come true. Selling my artwork has been a goal of mine since childhood and I'm stoked that fan support is out there to make this dream a reality." 

Today, Andrew resides in a small, rural town of Iowa with two wonderful boys and a beautiful supportive wife (the brains behind Instagram).